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Snap Electrodes

TOP-RANK adhesive electrodes are designed and intended to be used with TENS and EMS application. 

TOP-RANK electrodes provide the optimal adherence and conductivity between TENS generator and the patient's skin.


Different hydro-gels for your option: S-Gel, T-Gel, A-Gel, etc.

Different type of backing materials for your option: white/colored/printed fabric, white foam, PET, etc.


Key Features

◆  Offer optimal adherence to skin and conductive material alike.
◆  Provide maximum durability longevity and performance
◆  Low impedance and high conductivity
◆  Greatest variety in sizes, shapes, colors, backing materials and protective liner
◆  Latex free


Life time

   24~36 months

Re-use time

   25~35 times

Storage temperature

    0 ~ 40°C

Relative humidity




   * Other sizes and shapes are available.