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Special Electrodes

TOP-RANK adhesive electrodes are designed and intended to be used with TENS and EMS application. 

It provides the optimal adherence and conductivity between TENS generator and the patient's skin.


Different type of backing materials for your option: white/colored/printed fabric, white foam, PET, etc.


Key Features

◆  Offer optimal adherence to skin and conductive material alike.
◆  Provide maximum durability longevity and performance
◆  Low impedance and high conductivity
◆  Greatest variety in sizes, shapes, colors, backing materials and protective liner
◆  Latex free


Life time

   24~36 months

Re-use time

   25~35 times

Storage temperature

    0 ~ 40°C

Relative humidity


Blue gel electrodes provide optimum conductivity and conformity and it is thick enough to adhere through body hair yet gentle enough for use on extremely sensitive skin.

Silver grid pattern electrode is calculated precisely to control electrical current evenly over the surface of the electrode. Also, it lowers the resistance.

Aloe electrode is gelled with aloe ingredient, which is a very good moisturizer can bring a great skin experience.

Mint electrode is gelled with mint ingredient. It brings cool effect and minimizes the sting feel.



    * Other sizes and shapes are available.