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company profile

Founded in 2000, TOP-RANK has built its 15+ years of experience on leading our industry in customer service and manufacturing premium quality TENS Electrodes. The company got its start producing TENS Electrodes and has expanded its line to now include other medical products such as Lead Wires, Gel Pad…


company culture

Top-Rank always gives top priority to our product quality. Our goal is to not only deliver a high quality product that meets necessary regulatory requirements (FDA, OTC, RX, CE, HealthCanada, ISO13485…), but also to produce a product that is safe and effective.The company has always adhered to the concept of '…


Environmental philosophy

In order to save earth resources and protect earth's environment, Top-Rank is committed to environment-friendly businesses in many ways, promoting efficient use of resources, inventing environment-friendly technologies and developing products in consideration of the natural environment. Besides, Top-Rank…